Color Vibe is Coming to Palmdale

Color Vibe in PalmdaleA couple of us from Eden Homes will be volunteering for tomorrow’s 5K Color Vibe run! Wooooo!!!

What is Color Vibe?

What in the heck is Color Vibe? Well, it’s a 5K fun run/walk/dance “marathon” where you basically get a bunch of colored powder thrown at you as you make your way through the course. I’ve heard that it was really fun, but my lungs and eyeballs are cringing at the thought of all of that free-floating dust. I’m assuming my industrial gas mask and 1940’s aviator goggles would be discouraged.

Color Vibe CourseIt’s going to be held at Marie Kerr Park and will start at the northern part of the Palmdale Amphitheater. Here’s the event guide for more info, including start times and places, clothing suggestions, lsd dosages, and ways to clean off the colored powder,


While I’m slightly terrified about the powder and cult-like “fun” the folks are having in the promo photos, we’re heading out there anyway. We want to suss out the situation for ourselves. Plus it gives us an opportunity to feel REALLY old, shake our fists at the young’ns, and tell ’em to “SLOW DOWN… AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!” I kid, I kid. It does look like a lot of fun and I’m kinda excited to get some photos of the Dance Party & Color Throw at the end.

West Coast Classical – Charity Partner

West Coast Classical - PalmdaleAlthough, it is a for-profit event, Color Vibe claims to support the local charity West Coast Classical. Per the WCC website, West Coast Classical is a non-profit community group that teaches and encourages musicians from all backgrounds through orchestral, ensemble, and educational programs. WCC offers courses for all ages and music levels in the Antelope Valley.

We love ANY CHARITY that helps our awesome community. The Color Vibe website says, “We partner with local charities and non-profit organizations in each of the cities we hold our events which will receive a portion of the proceeds. The amount is based on the size of the event and the involvement of the charity.”  I’d be interested to know what portion of the profits they actually give WCC. Wouldn’t it be much easier to assign a certain percentage of the proceeds, that way it’s consistent? Seems a wee wonky to me. But I guess it’s better than not supporting a local charity, eh? Heh heh.

We’ll report back with photos & happy memories!!

Palmdale Color Vibe Fun Run

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