The Palmdale Library

For those of you who don’t know, the Palmdale Library is AAAAAAAMAAAAAZING! I’ve been to a lot of libraries in my day and it is, by far, my favorite. Does it have more or better books than other libraries? No, but what it lacks in stacks it makes up with heart.

Thomas Vose - Palmdale Library

Thomas Vose – All Around Awesome Guy

El Hefe

It’s run by Thomas Vose, a guy who I lovingly refer to as Young Santa. He’s incredibly happy and sweet (and he may be keeping a list of the naughty kids who visit the library… IJS). Thomas believes the library is meant to encourage people to learn not just through books, but by any means necessary.

Palmdale Library Chocolate Tasting

Chocolatey Goodness

For instance, in a few weeks, the library will be hosting a chocolate tasting and Valentine’s Day craft event. THAT’S JUST CRAZY!  I love it! We’ll be doing a taste-test to see who can tell the difference between the fancy brand chocolate and the dollar store ones. We’ll also be making our own boxes of chocolate as the craft. There’ll be limited seating and you must be 16 to join us.

Chocolate tasting is just the tip of the iceberg. The Palmdale Library puts on a zillion different events to help the community and get them engaged in learning. For the complete list, visit the Palmdale City Library website; however, I’ll list a few here to whet your appetite…

Palmdale Library Events

  • Spin a Yarn – From beginners to skilled, come knit, crochet, embroider, or just gab. (Adult)
  • Mystery Book Club – Whodunnits of all kinds. (Adult)
  • Books & Barks – Kids read to therapy dogs! Great for the kid who has difficulty reading.
  • Storytime – Preschool, Baby & Toddler, and Bilingual Family.
  • Mario Kart Tournament – Free entry & prizes for champions.
  • PJ Tales – PJs, blankets, and stuffed toys are welcome.
  • Coffee & Coloring Adult – Coffee, pens, pencils, and coloring books provided. (Adult)
  • Coloring for Tweens/Teens/Adults – Materials provided.
  • African American Book Club – Celebrating African American authors and subjects. (Adult)
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Adventurers wanted!
  • Yoga – BYO yoga mat or towel. Space is limited, so registration is required. (16+)
  • Adult Crafting (we’ve done everything from Holiday Bottles to Spa Day)

They are constantly adding new activities… like tonight was the first Puzzle Swap! We exchanged puzzles with others and worked on one together. So much fun!Palmdale Library Puzzle Swap

Oh and probably THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of these events, besides the fact that they are FREE, is that they offer drinks and snacks!!! I’m not gonna lie to you… this lady loves her some free food…

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