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Eden Homes - Frequently Asked QuestionsF.A.Q.’s

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Eden Homes and the process of buying Palmdale houses for cash. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us.

Why should I sell to Eden Homes?

You may see a lot of “We Buy Ugly Houses” advertisements all over the web or on signs around town. But what you don’t know is a lot of those people are investors who are NOT LOCAL and who are just interested in making money.

WE AT EDEN HOMES ARE LOCAL and are heavily invested in our community, Eden Homes hires local contractors, landscapers, painters, and service people. We rehab homes to quality standards and rent to well-qualified applicants. All of our homes are repaired to be pet-friendly and handicapped accessible. And we partner with the City of Palmdale to make sure Eden Homes’s houses are compliant with local ordinances.

Why shouldn’t I use a Realtor?

Don’t get us wrong, Realtors are amazing people and are incredible folks who can truly help in a retail transaction. We actually have a few that we’ve worked with and recommend. However, in this case they’re not needed. Realtors get paid 6% of the selling price because of their time and expertise: they research, they advertise, they hold open houses, and they serve as a barrier between you and your buyer.

With our transactions, you don’t need to advertise, hold an open house, wait for a long Escrow or a third-party bank to approve our loan. We sign a simple contract and then we pay cash.

Is this legal?

Ha ha! Yes! Absolutely. And it’s easy! If we’re interested in purchasing your house, we make you an offer, we both sign, we put the money in Escrow, and after we make sure that the house really belongs to you (clean title), Escrow pays you and voila! You’re free!! The process can take as little as a week – can you imagine? Being rid of your debt or headache in as little as 7 days?

How does Eden Homes determine its offer?

We are not in the business of fleecing our fellow Palmdalians (Palmdalites?) with whom we live. We might run into you at Vallarta and that’d get to be really awkward. This is how we figure out what we can offer:

  1. We look at what comparable homes are selling for in the same area at retail prices.
  2. We minus our costs:
    1. If sold through Realtor – if you already have a Realtor, we’ll make sure that s/he is paid her/his commission
    2. The estimated price of rehab
    3. A small margin so we can make sure that we can cover unforeseen repairs when rented.
  3. We end up at a net cash price.
  4. If that price works for the both of us, we open Escrow.

Am I obligated to accept an offer if you come to my house?

Absolutely not! Neither of us is obligated to buy/sell your home until we sign a contract. We at Eden Homes want to make sure that when we leave your house, everyone is happy!

My relative/renter/friend was a hoarder and has completely trashed the house. Will you guys buy it?

Yes! We are often a last hope for folks who want to be done with their trashed or “ugly” houses. We take homes AS IS, so you won’t need to clean, fix, or paint anything!

In fact, we prefer to buy houses that need a lot of love. We think that those kinds of deals work out well for everyone involved. The seller gets rid of a house that causes headaches, we get to restore a once beautiful house, the neighborhood rejoices at the value of their homes going up, and a new family can move into a safe and updated home.

If you have any other questions that we didn’t answer, please, please, please give us a call! We’re super friendly… and only bite a little bit.

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