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A couple of us from Eden Homes will be volunteering for tomorrow’s 5K Color Vibe run! Wooooo!!! What is Color Vibe? What in the heck is Color Vibe? Well, it’s a 5K fun run/walk/dance “marathon” where you basically get a bunch of colored powder thrown at you as you make […]

Color Vibe is Coming to Palmdale

Palmdale Libary
For those of you who don’t know, the Palmdale Library is AAAAAAAMAAAAAZING! I’ve been to a lot of libraries in my day and it is, by far, my favorite. Does it have more or better books than other libraries? No, but what it lacks in stacks it makes up with heart. […]

The Palmdale Library

Eden Homes Loves Palmdale
We love Palmdale! We all live here and are excited to have this blogging opportunity to share a bunch of great things about this awesome city – a city we lovingly refer to as “The Dale.” You might be saying to yourself, “Why in the heck are these folks blogging about […]

Life in The Dale